Happy New Year!!!

Year 2011 is in its twilight. And as it is fading away in a few minutes, I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of my 2011 life; everything that happened to me, bad or good, I thank it all to you and to God Almighty. I hope the coming year 2012 will be full of opportunities and blessings for me and the people around me, and those who love me. 

A very big thank you!!!

Let's welcome 2012 with arms wide open!

Be good to us 2012!

Love you all!!!

Curvy in HTML5

Curvy in HTML5

This little mind game will make you solve more puzzles as you go on. The objective of the game is to connect each lines with the same color, and never leave any ends disconnected. It will notify you if you have already connected all ends correctly. Enjoy the game!!! The game is accessible through this link: Curvy in HTML5