Love on Top - Beyonce

Another performance level music video from Beyonce that shows the vocal prowess of the singer. I just remember the times I have with my choirmates when we try to kill the time we usually sing songs, then to add a challenge, we transpose the tune a level higher than the original. We transpose the song until we can't handle the song's pitch anymore. Miss that. :-)

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Be vigilant in our online accounts

This is the reason why we need to be vigilant with our online accounts. This is very true if you also do purchases online. Good thing I have my 2.step google verification activated, and no credit cards yet. BPO agents and employees, take note.
Read this article to see why. The story is kinda creepy. But I hope this will enlighten you about the importance of online security and selecting online companies to work with.
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