ICS Upgrade on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung's Global Blog logo courtesy of their website.

Well I'm just so happy that my Galaxy W will get a value-pack upgrade. I'm still sad that it won't get any Ice Cream Sandwich, but I think I can live to it.

Here is the link from the Samsung Global blog that says about the ICS upgrade plan for Samsung Galaxy phones. The phones not mentioned there, I'm sorry, but no luck.

To add to that, here are the statements from the Product Planning Team of Samsung mobile and their thoughts about the OS upgrades people are talking about.

I hope this will clear up everyone's mind about the issue.

If you still want to have the ICS on your handsets, you can just root your phone and apply those custom ROMS out there. Just make sure you follow those instructions to avoid unexpected things.

I don't have any plans to root and flash my Galaxy W phone with custom ROMS as of the moment. It is still in warranty period and I don't want to mess anything with it. I'll consider getting those custom ROMS once the warranty period has already been lifted.

Enjoy guys!

Running through the Temple Run

Temple Run from Play Store
Temple Run image courtesy of the Play Store

I had installed the much awaited Android version of the Temple Run in my, of course, Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy W. I remembered 24 hours ago that I checked this app if it is already in the Play Store, realizing that their announcement of March 27, 2012 for the Temple Run for Android will be released in their time zone. As I expected, it was released by 1pm, Philippine Time (+08:00). Once I installed it, I was able to have an hands-on experience on the it. Thank God, I was able to get a screenshot of it using the Power button-Home button combination.

I had playing it for some quite time right now and it really is addicting to the point that you wanted to finish the quest and reach the next level. So far, the experience is so good and a lot of excitement. There are times that it lagged a bit, but then it will resume to run smoothly. There are some point in time when my swipes on the screen won't work. And the culprit are my sweaty fingers, and I don't complain about it. But it is really so much of a disadvantage somehow.

The installer is 26MB. Right now, when I search Temple Run in the Play Store, it won't display this official app. The first in the list is the Temple Run Fun App. It's a pain to me if I search through the list. So I checked other blogs that contains the direct link to it. It is here. I also discovered that using this search phrase "com.imangi.templerun" in the Search box of the Play Store in web and in the app will display this Official Temple Run app.

I read some comments about this app and was sad that there are some phones that aren't compatible with it. Examples are the Droid Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy Y. I understand that the Galaxy Y is a bit slow phone when it comes in the specs, but the Droid Bionic, I don't know. I think I'm missing something here.

All in all, Temple Run for Android is a worth of a wait. I can't compare it with its iOS version, but I'm sure its really good. The only drawback to this app is the fragmentation. And for sure, the authors were now doing some fix on the issues the users had reported to them.

For the Imangi team, congratulations!

And to all of us, enjoy running!


Undecided: Dynamic Sidebar or Simple Layout :)

On the left: Dynamic Sidebar; On the right: Simple Layout

I'm sorry if some of you who were reading my blog a while ago were confused because of constant changing of the templates I use. Now, I have two of my favorite templates here, and I have already saved them somewhere. Help me which of the two you think would suit my blog. Is it the Dynamic Sidebar view I customized, or the Simple Layout I also customized?

I'm kinda excited to manage my own blog here. Still drafting those topics I should be posting here. So far here is what I can offer by now. Hope a help from you will reach me. For those who will, I am giving my sincere gratitude to you. :)

For the meantime, I'll stay here on Simple Layout until everything has been decided.

Have a nice day ahead!

With newer phones coming, I still love my Samsung Galaxy W

What I hate about getting a smartphone is that there are new models and units released almost every month by those mobile manufacturers, plus they are much more powerful, stylish, functional, and more energy efficient. Adding to it was they are included for free in a very competitive and affordable postpaid plans. GRRR!!!

Currently I have a Samsung Galaxy W smartphone running in 1.4GHz single core processor with 4GB internal memory and Android 2.3 OS--more specs in here: Samsung Mobile Press. I have already updated its OS from 2.3.5 to 2.3.7 via its Update utility. So far, this phone really is so durable and works the way I wanted. With an unlimited data plan included, I was able to maximize its Internet power. I had also used almost all of its features in my almost 2 months of use. The list would be as follows:
1. Make it as a WiFi hotspot.
2. Play games.
3. Listen to Music and analog FM stations
4. Browse the Internet via 3G and WiFi using its buit-in browser, Firefox, and Opera Mini.
5. Take professional-looking photos (Action shot is my favorite), my self photos, and my own videos
6. Able to locate myself via Maps and Latitude
7. Tweet to my desire and FB to my heart's content
8. Watch movies in it.
9. Make simple calls and text.
10. Video call via Skype.
11. Read emails.
12. Customize my phone's UI to my desire.
13. Voice Search.
14. Send files via Bluetooth.
15. Listen to audio and make phone calls via Bluetooth
16. Read documents in my phone
17. Watch Youtube videos
18. Track my phone's whereabouts (I hope it won't happen again)
19. Access my remote computer in this phone.

The things I haven't done yet on my phone are the following:
1. Develop Android apps and test it in my phone.
2. Root it and change its ROM OS (still in warranty, though).
3. Use it with Samsung Kies
4. Connect it and watch movies to my HDMI-capable LED TV
5. Make video calls via 3G.
6. Reset my phone to factory settings. (I hope I would not need this in the coming future)
7. Send an MMS.
8. Print documents or photos to a printer
9. USB tethering.
10. Debugging mode.
11. Connect it to a projector

The things I wish this device would do or have are:
1. GTalk with video
2. An official update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich (I hope they have an ICS update with this. Calling Samsung)
3. Upgrade hardware like PC in terms of RAM, processor, internal memory (hahaha!).
3. Waterproof and Shockproof and Dustproof (although Samsung says all Galaxy devices can endure the minimum amount of water, shock, and dust, still I need them to be like it, but more than that.)
4. Have an extra battery that can last up to 10 hours.
5. A charging dock and a speaker dock would be so good.
6. Watch analog TV (this is a strike to the moon)
7. Dual SIM with dual standby (this is another strike to the moon).
8. Be able to use stylus (I truly wish so I could use my drawing app more efficiently)

The only problem I notably have was the Camera Failed warning message I posted in my previous blog. But I was able to resolve it. I hope nothing else would happen to it.

I just need to upgrade its external microSD card to accommodate more files and media on it.

I'm still eyeing to have the most powerful, feature-packed, power-efficient and stylish phone, but everything I want to do to a phone was able to provide by my Samsung Galaxy Wonder. I never regret having it since I bought it. It really is a wonder to me. I'll stick to it as long as it is working good or before it becomes broken, whichever is longer.

Hey there, what do you like most from your phone? Share it with us. :)

What happens on a single day on the Internet? (TechRepublic)

I was amazed by this article I read from TechRepublic about the activities happening on the Internet during a day. This infograph was sourced from MBAonline.com, as the article says.

Enjoy reading!

"Warning: Camera Failed" on your Samsung Galaxy phone

If you have installed any apps that uses your camera, then better sort them out. They may be the culprit that causes the warning message Camera Failed in your Samsung Galaxy phone. I don't know if it happens in other Android devices, but still this will serve as a precaution. 

Camera Failed warning message normally happens when an app doesn't handle properly the camera, or never release its use in it after you close that app. In my case, I figured out that the security app I installed in my Samsung Galaxy W bugs my camera. This security app has a feature which you can remotely take photos on your phone, just using a web browser. I was so glad that it has this feature, not until when I am going to take a photo myself on the phone, it shows the warning message Camera Failed. It resolves by rebooting the phone, but after a while, its back. 

I searched for some solutions in the web, and finally read about a post telling the users that a certain photo capture app is the culprit for that error message. It just gave me the idea that I should sort out those apps that uses my phone's camera. And there it is... I figured out that one of my apps installed that uses the camera is causing the error. The irony is, it is a security-featured app. It's a popular free feature-packed app in the market that showcase abilities on tracking your lost android phone. In fairness, it really do what it has advertised, but it's still buggy, and it includes it's handling of camera. Anyway, I hope I was able to help you and gave you an idea on how to solve the Camera Failed problem.

You may also follow the steps in this other blog. It is very helpful if the error still persist after removing those apps. I suggest that you better bring it to the authorized support center of your phone if the steps on the blog were all exhausted, and especially if your phone is still under warranty. 

This is it and enjoy your photo shoot! :)


Update (2012.03.13)

Another way to check why the Camera Failed message appears is if the app that uses the camera was closed properly. You should also be aware that Android apps closes themselves differently. Some have Quit or Exit menus accessible via Options button/touch panel or through the app's menu toolbar to completely close it. Others use the Back button/touch panel to close them. Either way, this will ensure that it will stop using your phone's resources once you stop using it. Never use the Home button to clear it out from your screen as this only minimizes it as it continues to run in the background, still using your phone's resources and hardware.

Also check if a certain app that uses your phone's camera is running as a service in the phone. They are classified as service apps if they automatically start at boot, and doing some monitoring or scanning activities. If there are options in the app that disables them from running as a service then activate it. Be sure you do this on apps you downloaded from software sources.