Thank you... I am sorry... I am hoping...

The year 2012 is almost over. A few more hours until 2013. I got a lot of things in mind that I want to say before I regret not saying it. I think this is the right time for it. Later I'll be in the office working, taking in calls, while everyone will celebrate the New Year. I may not that verbal enough to say what my mind wishes to. But let me say it through here.

Thank you... 

First and foremost, I thank God for everything He had given me this year. All the blessings He gave me. Some of it which I don't deserve, but still He gave it to show how much He appreciates and loves me as I am. No things can be compared to His love. I love you Lord. I also thank God for the challenges He gave me. Without it, I won't be the person I become now. He is really a good Teacher and Provider. I sing my praise to You.

I thank all the people who become a part of my 2012. Those people who have shared the happiness, sorrows, ups and downs, wisdom, and skill I endured this year.

Thank you to the WorkforceSolutions Inc family. It has been a great time being with you all. I had learned a lot from all of you. This blog is not enough to mention all those things I treasure. There may be some times that I am not that approachable, but I make it to the point that I reach out back to you through food. Hehehe! I will never forget all of you there. Thank you so much!

The Capones and Gagante Family, who have been my family here in Manila, never in any time failed to show their love and care for me in every way I go and do. I may not have been with you in your reunion last May 2012 in Eastern Samar, but it has also been a great opportunity for me to meet my Sykes family (hey, you got it right!). I thank you so much.

My Sykes family. I didn't regret that I wasn't able to be with the Capones and Gagante reunion, because I had a great time with Sykes. In a short span of time they have showed me that nothing can replace the happy environment I have in Sykes. The batch I was with, Wave Xenia, including the trainers and mentors we have, was the best class I've been with. Those people had contributed a lot to what I have become now. Thank God I met them. I thank all of you because this year has been so fruitful and so exciting. And I will never ever forget you.

Team Falcons are also included in my Sykes family. They have been my guru, friend, and family all-in-one. They never failed to educate me and hone my skills in my line of work. I am happy that I become a part of the team of the best agents. I may have irregularities in some point, but they never make me feel that I am different. That's what I like best about them. I really thank you much.

To my room mates and neighbors here in my place, I thank you. I won't forget the companionship and the things we share, especially with food (hehehe!). I am thankful because I got you people who really care on me whatever life brings on me. You have been the witness of what I've gone through this year, and you never left me. That's what I like about you. Hope we could still be together next year, however due to some circumstances, we all need to go in separate ways soon (you all know why). Again, thank you!

My friends here in Manila, thank you. You have known who I am for more than 2 years already, and I am thankful because you accepted me for who I am. That is more than enough for me. I am blessed to have you as my friends.

My know how much we have gone through in life. I thank you because you have been with me for a long time now and still you are here sharing every bit of it. Thank you is not enough how much I appreciate all of it. You know how much, and it will never end, the love I have for you. No amendments would ever change it. Hope you feel the same. Thank you so much.

Of course, will I ever forget my new family? My TeleTech family. Wave 88. I know it has been a very rough road for us this past two months, and a lot from us had separated their ways from us, but I hope the rest of us will still hold on. Even if we are going to be in different teams, I am wishing that we still stay together and occupy in the same bays. I think it won't hurt the management if we decided to stay together like we are one team. Hope all of you stay the same. Thank you for the company. You are the reason I am enjoying my stay in TeleTech.

My friends and followers in Google+, Facebook, Twitter. It is fun to be with you in the virtual world - sharing some thoughts and insights to every thing, big and small. We had shared our hi's and hellos, greetings in almost every time of the day, and the things we know we have common with. I somehow managed to meet some of you, but I am hoping we could have some time also together. :)  

I am sorry... 

I hope PGMA won't mind if I used this one. I am sincere enough to say it, though. I know and I admit that I have shortcomings and sinned to some people, especially to those people that are close to me and to my heart; including God. It really hurts and somehow I thought to myself why I had been this bad. I won't blame some of them if they got angry or sullen or disappointed on me. I hope I could make up with them soon. And I hope Lord that You and those people would find forgiveness for my shortcomings.

My choir mates in San Jose, Batangas. San Jose Voice Choir and JMY Youth Choir. This is the Nth Christmas and New Year that I haven't spend my time singing praises and Christmas Carols with you since I left to pursue my career here. It really is heartbreaking for me, especially when I attend the mass here in St. Peter Parish, and the choir would sing the songs we sang there in San Jose. It brings all the days we spent together, in joys and cries. Those days since my college years. All my firsts are with you guys. I am very sorry guys. I hope I could make up with you. Nevertheless, I am always including you in my prayers, and you all stay here in my heart no matter what. I am hoping someday all of you still accept me if I decided to come back. I hope that day won't be too late for me.

My former PKI work mates. I really do appreciate the things you shared with me. All of you are good friends indeed, no doubts about that. You have been very good to me. You even helped me find a job, even offered one, when I am finding one. But I declined. I had already found my fulfillment in programming already. My frustrations about computers that started when I was in high school has been answered. Behind all of it, I am thanking you all because you are still there despite my attitude. I hope we see each other again soon. I hope our grand reunion in the Cathedral of Taal is still in effect. I will be there...but the wheels part, I am still working on it. Again, I am sorry and I thank you.

Ms Jone, sorry if I wasn't able to meet you last November. It has been a long time since we got our little talk in a Starbucks shop way back when I am in Sony Life. I really missed that so much. But due to work I wasn't able to do that. I hope you would understand. I hope you will stay as my friend as the year 2013 replaces the 2012. Miss you much!

To my family. Mama, Papa, and to my siblings. This is the first Christmas and New Year that I won't be with you. I already explained that I got work during those days. But behind those things, I am really sorry for my shortcomings. Sorry for being not a good son to you Mama and Papa, and a brother to my siblings. I know that this is unforgivable. I know this is not the right time to think about my self because I should have been thinking about your welfare. But I found myself looking for something. It is hard to explain. You were right Mama, that I am not getting any younger anymore. And I should think for my future. I am also thinking about that. Taking all things into consideration. I hope you would understand Ma, I hope you can give this shot to me - To think for my self, doing everything in my own way and in my terms, with God's guidance. But do not worry Ma, Pa. This is not only for me, but for all of you as well. I love you Ma, Pa. I really do. Even I am not that verbal about it and affectionate. I really do love you. I am always thinking all of you. On the other hand, I am thanking you all because you are the proof that family will always be there no matter what. I am always praying for our welfare. Thank you po.

I am hoping... 

I am not going to promise something for the coming New Year that I couldn't fulfill. But will assure that this coming New Year will be fruitful and exciting and full of colors. Also it would include making up with the things I haven't done this 2012. 360 days will still be short, though. But who cares, everything has time, and right timing will make everything comes to their places. 2012 had not been the end of time for humankind (thank God!) so it means we are in our 2nd life already.

I am still praying and hoping for world peace, and love in mankind. I am not losing my hold on it. There is still hope. If there is will be hope, everyone will care. And if everyone cares, love will reign. If love reigns, peace will reside in our hearts. Peace brings all happiness and contentment to every man in this world. Then every person will be smiling away the bad vibes. Isn't cool?

2012 is been a record-breaking year for me. Hoping 2013 will exceed to that.

Happy and Prosperous New Year everyone!!!

Finding ways to be Happy

This new commercial from Coca-Cola tells us that whatever circumstances we encounter in our lives, whether through good times and hard times, sufferings, conflicts, confusions, and the like, there will be ways we could find happiness and joy that we could share for everyone.

This video, even though it is sang in Filipino, will give us instances that us can bring joy more than sorrows.

Here is the lyrics for our Filipino friends. Enjoy!

Ako ang magdadala saan man mapunta
Dadalhin ang ligaya
Ako ang magbubukas hindi maghihintay
Bubuksan ang ligaya
Kung saan man masaya
Doon lagi ako magpupunta
Hinding hindi makikinig
Pag sinasabing hindi kaya
Papakita ko lahat kaya
Ako ang gumagawa
Lahat ng makita gagawing maligaya
Ako ang magbibigay
Halina't sumama na
Magbigay ng ligaya
Dadalhin ko,  bubuksan ko ang saya ng mundo
Gagawin ko ibibigay ko
Tuloy-tuloy na tayo
Dadalhin ko,  bubuksan ko ang saya ng mundo
Gagawin ko ibibigay ko
Tuloy-tuloy na tayo
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Just be happy

To all my friends who are going through some issues right now (including me), let's start an intention avalanche. We all need positive intentions right now. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy, paste, and share this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune. I hope to see this on the walls of all my friends just for moral support. I know some will!! I did it for a friend and you can too. You have to copy & paste this one, no share button.

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Love on Top - Beyonce

Another performance level music video from Beyonce that shows the vocal prowess of the singer. I just remember the times I have with my choirmates when we try to kill the time we usually sing songs, then to add a challenge, we transpose the tune a level higher than the original. We transpose the song until we can't handle the song's pitch anymore. Miss that. :-)

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Be vigilant in our online accounts

This is the reason why we need to be vigilant with our online accounts. This is very true if you also do purchases online. Good thing I have my 2.step google verification activated, and no credit cards yet. BPO agents and employees, take note.
Read this article to see why. The story is kinda creepy. But I hope this will enlighten you about the importance of online security and selecting online companies to work with.
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Tropical Storm Gener - Hope everyone is safe

Last night is, I admit, very frightening to me. First time I encounter rain water entering my room. It is not flowing water, but dripping water from my door and from my ceiling. The sound of the wind with the rain shower, with varying intensity every minute adds to the nervousness I felt last night. Me and my room mates need to wake up because the water reached our cushion beds. We clean up the mess and put  door mat on the door to avoid the water to sip inside. We also put containers in places where water drips from our ceiling. Haizzz... The whole night is freezing cold. Good thing I was able to sleep well. Until this morning when I woke up, eveything is calm, except for some rain showers and wind. I am happy we survived the night. Safe and alive. Thank God. :-)

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Kesa (An Inspirational Song)

This song has been recently an entry in the Philippine Popular Music Festival (please correct me if I am wrong). This song gave touches me and gives me inspiration, and makes me smile everytime I listen to it.

I hope you will also be inspired to the song and gives you good vibes the whole day.


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Jango - my preferred online streaming music player

Jango is one of those online streaming music player that provides quality music on the go. You can select from different genre. You can also create your own radio playlist by selecting your favorite artists. It also has a default radio station where it plays random great hits. The best part of it, Jango supports independent music artists by allowing them to play their music here and the listeners rates their song. So awesome! I hope I could listen to Original Pinoy Music here soon.

Give it a try. I am enjoying it now.

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My New Launcher App

MIUI MiHome launcher is my new launcher home.

It is fast and lightweight as the Zeam Launcher, but the best thing about MiHome is that your home screens are your app drawer itself. You can customize it by grouping the icons by folders. You can also add widgets to it. And most of all you can apply themes. Amazing!

This launcher is available for android 2.3 and 4.0.

I hope you can try this launcher.

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Finding your Samsung Galaxy phone using it's Built-in Locator - SamsungDive

We know some of us were so afraid to lose our phone. And some of us have installed some apps from the Play Store (for Android), or from other app stores for other phones, that will allow us locate our phone when we lose it. Perhaps, we can say, that this is one of the things an owner of any smartphone should do. It's not an accessory but a necessity. We don't want to cry over that lost phone and nothing we could do to find it.

We are not sure if all of the Samsung Galaxy phone users were aware of this, but they should. We are referring to its Remote Control, the ability of the phone to be controlled remotely from a different device, in this case, a browser. Using the SamsungDive website, the website Samsung had provided to remotely access our phones, we can track and find our phone from any browser, in any computer or devices with internet connection. It's not just tracking the location of our phone, but not limited to remotely locking/unlocking it, clean-wipe it, and monitor call logs.

Okay, so how are we going to use the built-in Remote Control of our Samsung Galaxy phones?
The step by steps of activating the Remote Control of our Samsung phones depends per phone. You can find the instructions per phone in this page. But for the sake of all, here is the summary of the steps that will activate the Remote Control.

1. Register your phone to Samsung and create a Samsung account if you don't have one. For sure some of us has not yet done this, but we strongly recommend you do this, especially if your phone is under warranty. And with the warranty in mind, you know what we mean. This is a requirement in order to use the Remote Control and use the SamsungDive website. A username and password are needed to access the website. It will also send the model of the phone we are using to their website, and SamsungDive will adjust to the contents it will show. For Android users, a Google account is also required, as this is mandatory to be able to use the Google services the Android OS offers. To create the Samsung and Google Account, go to Settings > Accounts and Sync > Tap on Add account button > Select Samsung Account or Google > Tap on Sign up button to create one or provide your credentials if you have one. Follow the instructions on the next screens until Samsung account is listed in your accounts list. This will automatically sync information to their servers.

2. Activate the Remote Control feature. To activate this in an Android phone, go to Settings > Location and Security and check the Remote controls option. In connection to this, you should activate the screen lock to avoid changing this setting. Go to Settings > Location and Security > Set screen lock. There are some features in SamsungDive that will be enabled if you agree to allow Google to collect location information from you. To check this, go to Settings > Location and Security > My Location.

3. Login to SamsungDive to remote control your phone. Using your other phone or computer's internet browser, go to SamsungDive (see the top-most photo in this blog) to login to your Samsung Account. Once you had entered your account, you will be able to control your device remotely using the options listed in the left side of the page.
The functions listed on the left side of the home page differs from each device. Better check this page to see the functions available to your device and the instructions on how to use them. In the photo above, it shows the most functions that exist across devices.

Why are we discussing this if we had installed an app that will do the job?
The best reason we had shared this is because we wanted to be more efficient in our phone's resources - memory, processor, and battery--we may want to save more files or install apps in our phone, run other apps that we want or use, and avoid fast battery drain. Most of the popular antivirus includes these remote control feature, it may be much more security-feature-packed, or maybe a stand-alone app that does it all. But surely, it is much more resource-eater. Instead of installing those apps, you may select a lightweight but efficient antivirus and anti-malware, then for the remote control, use the SamsungDive. It may not have all the features others are providing, but it serves you the most tools you will need in order to control and find your phone remotely. This will avoid phone lagging, since it doesn't eat up much of your phone's resources.

If you are looking for some ways to be more efficient with your phone's resources, this article could help you.

One of the problems all users should anticipate is losing their phone. Being ready won't hurt us, but it will benefit us when the time comes. By using this built-in security feature in Samsung phone will not only help ourselves remotely control your phone during crisis, but help to become more efficient with our phone's resources. It is important that we discover those features our phones deliver in order to achieve the ultimate experience we wanted from it efficiently and effectively.


ICS Upgrade on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung's Global Blog logo courtesy of their website.

Well I'm just so happy that my Galaxy W will get a value-pack upgrade. I'm still sad that it won't get any Ice Cream Sandwich, but I think I can live to it.

Here is the link from the Samsung Global blog that says about the ICS upgrade plan for Samsung Galaxy phones. The phones not mentioned there, I'm sorry, but no luck.

To add to that, here are the statements from the Product Planning Team of Samsung mobile and their thoughts about the OS upgrades people are talking about.

I hope this will clear up everyone's mind about the issue.

If you still want to have the ICS on your handsets, you can just root your phone and apply those custom ROMS out there. Just make sure you follow those instructions to avoid unexpected things.

I don't have any plans to root and flash my Galaxy W phone with custom ROMS as of the moment. It is still in warranty period and I don't want to mess anything with it. I'll consider getting those custom ROMS once the warranty period has already been lifted.

Enjoy guys!

Running through the Temple Run

Temple Run from Play Store
Temple Run image courtesy of the Play Store

I had installed the much awaited Android version of the Temple Run in my, of course, Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy W. I remembered 24 hours ago that I checked this app if it is already in the Play Store, realizing that their announcement of March 27, 2012 for the Temple Run for Android will be released in their time zone. As I expected, it was released by 1pm, Philippine Time (+08:00). Once I installed it, I was able to have an hands-on experience on the it. Thank God, I was able to get a screenshot of it using the Power button-Home button combination.

I had playing it for some quite time right now and it really is addicting to the point that you wanted to finish the quest and reach the next level. So far, the experience is so good and a lot of excitement. There are times that it lagged a bit, but then it will resume to run smoothly. There are some point in time when my swipes on the screen won't work. And the culprit are my sweaty fingers, and I don't complain about it. But it is really so much of a disadvantage somehow.

The installer is 26MB. Right now, when I search Temple Run in the Play Store, it won't display this official app. The first in the list is the Temple Run Fun App. It's a pain to me if I search through the list. So I checked other blogs that contains the direct link to it. It is here. I also discovered that using this search phrase "com.imangi.templerun" in the Search box of the Play Store in web and in the app will display this Official Temple Run app.

I read some comments about this app and was sad that there are some phones that aren't compatible with it. Examples are the Droid Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy Y. I understand that the Galaxy Y is a bit slow phone when it comes in the specs, but the Droid Bionic, I don't know. I think I'm missing something here.

All in all, Temple Run for Android is a worth of a wait. I can't compare it with its iOS version, but I'm sure its really good. The only drawback to this app is the fragmentation. And for sure, the authors were now doing some fix on the issues the users had reported to them.

For the Imangi team, congratulations!

And to all of us, enjoy running!


Undecided: Dynamic Sidebar or Simple Layout :)

On the left: Dynamic Sidebar; On the right: Simple Layout

I'm sorry if some of you who were reading my blog a while ago were confused because of constant changing of the templates I use. Now, I have two of my favorite templates here, and I have already saved them somewhere. Help me which of the two you think would suit my blog. Is it the Dynamic Sidebar view I customized, or the Simple Layout I also customized?

I'm kinda excited to manage my own blog here. Still drafting those topics I should be posting here. So far here is what I can offer by now. Hope a help from you will reach me. For those who will, I am giving my sincere gratitude to you. :)

For the meantime, I'll stay here on Simple Layout until everything has been decided.

Have a nice day ahead!

With newer phones coming, I still love my Samsung Galaxy W

What I hate about getting a smartphone is that there are new models and units released almost every month by those mobile manufacturers, plus they are much more powerful, stylish, functional, and more energy efficient. Adding to it was they are included for free in a very competitive and affordable postpaid plans. GRRR!!!

Currently I have a Samsung Galaxy W smartphone running in 1.4GHz single core processor with 4GB internal memory and Android 2.3 OS--more specs in here: Samsung Mobile Press. I have already updated its OS from 2.3.5 to 2.3.7 via its Update utility. So far, this phone really is so durable and works the way I wanted. With an unlimited data plan included, I was able to maximize its Internet power. I had also used almost all of its features in my almost 2 months of use. The list would be as follows:
1. Make it as a WiFi hotspot.
2. Play games.
3. Listen to Music and analog FM stations
4. Browse the Internet via 3G and WiFi using its buit-in browser, Firefox, and Opera Mini.
5. Take professional-looking photos (Action shot is my favorite), my self photos, and my own videos
6. Able to locate myself via Maps and Latitude
7. Tweet to my desire and FB to my heart's content
8. Watch movies in it.
9. Make simple calls and text.
10. Video call via Skype.
11. Read emails.
12. Customize my phone's UI to my desire.
13. Voice Search.
14. Send files via Bluetooth.
15. Listen to audio and make phone calls via Bluetooth
16. Read documents in my phone
17. Watch Youtube videos
18. Track my phone's whereabouts (I hope it won't happen again)
19. Access my remote computer in this phone.

The things I haven't done yet on my phone are the following:
1. Develop Android apps and test it in my phone.
2. Root it and change its ROM OS (still in warranty, though).
3. Use it with Samsung Kies
4. Connect it and watch movies to my HDMI-capable LED TV
5. Make video calls via 3G.
6. Reset my phone to factory settings. (I hope I would not need this in the coming future)
7. Send an MMS.
8. Print documents or photos to a printer
9. USB tethering.
10. Debugging mode.
11. Connect it to a projector

The things I wish this device would do or have are:
1. GTalk with video
2. An official update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich (I hope they have an ICS update with this. Calling Samsung)
3. Upgrade hardware like PC in terms of RAM, processor, internal memory (hahaha!).
3. Waterproof and Shockproof and Dustproof (although Samsung says all Galaxy devices can endure the minimum amount of water, shock, and dust, still I need them to be like it, but more than that.)
4. Have an extra battery that can last up to 10 hours.
5. A charging dock and a speaker dock would be so good.
6. Watch analog TV (this is a strike to the moon)
7. Dual SIM with dual standby (this is another strike to the moon).
8. Be able to use stylus (I truly wish so I could use my drawing app more efficiently)

The only problem I notably have was the Camera Failed warning message I posted in my previous blog. But I was able to resolve it. I hope nothing else would happen to it.

I just need to upgrade its external microSD card to accommodate more files and media on it.

I'm still eyeing to have the most powerful, feature-packed, power-efficient and stylish phone, but everything I want to do to a phone was able to provide by my Samsung Galaxy Wonder. I never regret having it since I bought it. It really is a wonder to me. I'll stick to it as long as it is working good or before it becomes broken, whichever is longer.

Hey there, what do you like most from your phone? Share it with us. :)

What happens on a single day on the Internet? (TechRepublic)

I was amazed by this article I read from TechRepublic about the activities happening on the Internet during a day. This infograph was sourced from, as the article says.

Enjoy reading!

"Warning: Camera Failed" on your Samsung Galaxy phone

If you have installed any apps that uses your camera, then better sort them out. They may be the culprit that causes the warning message Camera Failed in your Samsung Galaxy phone. I don't know if it happens in other Android devices, but still this will serve as a precaution. 

Camera Failed warning message normally happens when an app doesn't handle properly the camera, or never release its use in it after you close that app. In my case, I figured out that the security app I installed in my Samsung Galaxy W bugs my camera. This security app has a feature which you can remotely take photos on your phone, just using a web browser. I was so glad that it has this feature, not until when I am going to take a photo myself on the phone, it shows the warning message Camera Failed. It resolves by rebooting the phone, but after a while, its back. 

I searched for some solutions in the web, and finally read about a post telling the users that a certain photo capture app is the culprit for that error message. It just gave me the idea that I should sort out those apps that uses my phone's camera. And there it is... I figured out that one of my apps installed that uses the camera is causing the error. The irony is, it is a security-featured app. It's a popular free feature-packed app in the market that showcase abilities on tracking your lost android phone. In fairness, it really do what it has advertised, but it's still buggy, and it includes it's handling of camera. Anyway, I hope I was able to help you and gave you an idea on how to solve the Camera Failed problem.

You may also follow the steps in this other blog. It is very helpful if the error still persist after removing those apps. I suggest that you better bring it to the authorized support center of your phone if the steps on the blog were all exhausted, and especially if your phone is still under warranty. 

This is it and enjoy your photo shoot! :)


Update (2012.03.13)

Another way to check why the Camera Failed message appears is if the app that uses the camera was closed properly. You should also be aware that Android apps closes themselves differently. Some have Quit or Exit menus accessible via Options button/touch panel or through the app's menu toolbar to completely close it. Others use the Back button/touch panel to close them. Either way, this will ensure that it will stop using your phone's resources once you stop using it. Never use the Home button to clear it out from your screen as this only minimizes it as it continues to run in the background, still using your phone's resources and hardware.

Also check if a certain app that uses your phone's camera is running as a service in the phone. They are classified as service apps if they automatically start at boot, and doing some monitoring or scanning activities. If there are options in the app that disables them from running as a service then activate it. Be sure you do this on apps you downloaded from software sources.