Thank you... I am sorry... I am hoping...

The year 2012 is almost over. A few more hours until 2013. I got a lot of things in mind that I want to say before I regret not saying it. I think this is the right time for it. Later I'll be in the office working, taking in calls, while everyone will celebrate the New Year. I may not that verbal enough to say what my mind wishes to. But let me say it through here.

Thank you... 

First and foremost, I thank God for everything He had given me this year. All the blessings He gave me. Some of it which I don't deserve, but still He gave it to show how much He appreciates and loves me as I am. No things can be compared to His love. I love you Lord. I also thank God for the challenges He gave me. Without it, I won't be the person I become now. He is really a good Teacher and Provider. I sing my praise to You.

I thank all the people who become a part of my 2012. Those people who have shared the happiness, sorrows, ups and downs, wisdom, and skill I endured this year.

Thank you to the WorkforceSolutions Inc family. It has been a great time being with you all. I had learned a lot from all of you. This blog is not enough to mention all those things I treasure. There may be some times that I am not that approachable, but I make it to the point that I reach out back to you through food. Hehehe! I will never forget all of you there. Thank you so much!

The Capones and Gagante Family, who have been my family here in Manila, never in any time failed to show their love and care for me in every way I go and do. I may not have been with you in your reunion last May 2012 in Eastern Samar, but it has also been a great opportunity for me to meet my Sykes family (hey, you got it right!). I thank you so much.

My Sykes family. I didn't regret that I wasn't able to be with the Capones and Gagante reunion, because I had a great time with Sykes. In a short span of time they have showed me that nothing can replace the happy environment I have in Sykes. The batch I was with, Wave Xenia, including the trainers and mentors we have, was the best class I've been with. Those people had contributed a lot to what I have become now. Thank God I met them. I thank all of you because this year has been so fruitful and so exciting. And I will never ever forget you.

Team Falcons are also included in my Sykes family. They have been my guru, friend, and family all-in-one. They never failed to educate me and hone my skills in my line of work. I am happy that I become a part of the team of the best agents. I may have irregularities in some point, but they never make me feel that I am different. That's what I like best about them. I really thank you much.

To my room mates and neighbors here in my place, I thank you. I won't forget the companionship and the things we share, especially with food (hehehe!). I am thankful because I got you people who really care on me whatever life brings on me. You have been the witness of what I've gone through this year, and you never left me. That's what I like about you. Hope we could still be together next year, however due to some circumstances, we all need to go in separate ways soon (you all know why). Again, thank you!

My friends here in Manila, thank you. You have known who I am for more than 2 years already, and I am thankful because you accepted me for who I am. That is more than enough for me. I am blessed to have you as my friends.

My know how much we have gone through in life. I thank you because you have been with me for a long time now and still you are here sharing every bit of it. Thank you is not enough how much I appreciate all of it. You know how much, and it will never end, the love I have for you. No amendments would ever change it. Hope you feel the same. Thank you so much.

Of course, will I ever forget my new family? My TeleTech family. Wave 88. I know it has been a very rough road for us this past two months, and a lot from us had separated their ways from us, but I hope the rest of us will still hold on. Even if we are going to be in different teams, I am wishing that we still stay together and occupy in the same bays. I think it won't hurt the management if we decided to stay together like we are one team. Hope all of you stay the same. Thank you for the company. You are the reason I am enjoying my stay in TeleTech.

My friends and followers in Google+, Facebook, Twitter. It is fun to be with you in the virtual world - sharing some thoughts and insights to every thing, big and small. We had shared our hi's and hellos, greetings in almost every time of the day, and the things we know we have common with. I somehow managed to meet some of you, but I am hoping we could have some time also together. :)  

I am sorry... 

I hope PGMA won't mind if I used this one. I am sincere enough to say it, though. I know and I admit that I have shortcomings and sinned to some people, especially to those people that are close to me and to my heart; including God. It really hurts and somehow I thought to myself why I had been this bad. I won't blame some of them if they got angry or sullen or disappointed on me. I hope I could make up with them soon. And I hope Lord that You and those people would find forgiveness for my shortcomings.

My choir mates in San Jose, Batangas. San Jose Voice Choir and JMY Youth Choir. This is the Nth Christmas and New Year that I haven't spend my time singing praises and Christmas Carols with you since I left to pursue my career here. It really is heartbreaking for me, especially when I attend the mass here in St. Peter Parish, and the choir would sing the songs we sang there in San Jose. It brings all the days we spent together, in joys and cries. Those days since my college years. All my firsts are with you guys. I am very sorry guys. I hope I could make up with you. Nevertheless, I am always including you in my prayers, and you all stay here in my heart no matter what. I am hoping someday all of you still accept me if I decided to come back. I hope that day won't be too late for me.

My former PKI work mates. I really do appreciate the things you shared with me. All of you are good friends indeed, no doubts about that. You have been very good to me. You even helped me find a job, even offered one, when I am finding one. But I declined. I had already found my fulfillment in programming already. My frustrations about computers that started when I was in high school has been answered. Behind all of it, I am thanking you all because you are still there despite my attitude. I hope we see each other again soon. I hope our grand reunion in the Cathedral of Taal is still in effect. I will be there...but the wheels part, I am still working on it. Again, I am sorry and I thank you.

Ms Jone, sorry if I wasn't able to meet you last November. It has been a long time since we got our little talk in a Starbucks shop way back when I am in Sony Life. I really missed that so much. But due to work I wasn't able to do that. I hope you would understand. I hope you will stay as my friend as the year 2013 replaces the 2012. Miss you much!

To my family. Mama, Papa, and to my siblings. This is the first Christmas and New Year that I won't be with you. I already explained that I got work during those days. But behind those things, I am really sorry for my shortcomings. Sorry for being not a good son to you Mama and Papa, and a brother to my siblings. I know that this is unforgivable. I know this is not the right time to think about my self because I should have been thinking about your welfare. But I found myself looking for something. It is hard to explain. You were right Mama, that I am not getting any younger anymore. And I should think for my future. I am also thinking about that. Taking all things into consideration. I hope you would understand Ma, I hope you can give this shot to me - To think for my self, doing everything in my own way and in my terms, with God's guidance. But do not worry Ma, Pa. This is not only for me, but for all of you as well. I love you Ma, Pa. I really do. Even I am not that verbal about it and affectionate. I really do love you. I am always thinking all of you. On the other hand, I am thanking you all because you are the proof that family will always be there no matter what. I am always praying for our welfare. Thank you po.

I am hoping... 

I am not going to promise something for the coming New Year that I couldn't fulfill. But will assure that this coming New Year will be fruitful and exciting and full of colors. Also it would include making up with the things I haven't done this 2012. 360 days will still be short, though. But who cares, everything has time, and right timing will make everything comes to their places. 2012 had not been the end of time for humankind (thank God!) so it means we are in our 2nd life already.

I am still praying and hoping for world peace, and love in mankind. I am not losing my hold on it. There is still hope. If there is will be hope, everyone will care. And if everyone cares, love will reign. If love reigns, peace will reside in our hearts. Peace brings all happiness and contentment to every man in this world. Then every person will be smiling away the bad vibes. Isn't cool?

2012 is been a record-breaking year for me. Hoping 2013 will exceed to that.

Happy and Prosperous New Year everyone!!!