ICS Upgrade on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung's Global Blog logo courtesy of their website.

Well I'm just so happy that my Galaxy W will get a value-pack upgrade. I'm still sad that it won't get any Ice Cream Sandwich, but I think I can live to it.

Here is the link from the Samsung Global blog that says about the ICS upgrade plan for Samsung Galaxy phones. The phones not mentioned there, I'm sorry, but no luck.

To add to that, here are the statements from the Product Planning Team of Samsung mobile and their thoughts about the OS upgrades people are talking about.

I hope this will clear up everyone's mind about the issue.

If you still want to have the ICS on your handsets, you can just root your phone and apply those custom ROMS out there. Just make sure you follow those instructions to avoid unexpected things.

I don't have any plans to root and flash my Galaxy W phone with custom ROMS as of the moment. It is still in warranty period and I don't want to mess anything with it. I'll consider getting those custom ROMS once the warranty period has already been lifted.

Enjoy guys!