Running through the Temple Run

Temple Run from Play Store
Temple Run image courtesy of the Play Store

I had installed the much awaited Android version of the Temple Run in my, of course, Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy W. I remembered 24 hours ago that I checked this app if it is already in the Play Store, realizing that their announcement of March 27, 2012 for the Temple Run for Android will be released in their time zone. As I expected, it was released by 1pm, Philippine Time (+08:00). Once I installed it, I was able to have an hands-on experience on the it. Thank God, I was able to get a screenshot of it using the Power button-Home button combination.

I had playing it for some quite time right now and it really is addicting to the point that you wanted to finish the quest and reach the next level. So far, the experience is so good and a lot of excitement. There are times that it lagged a bit, but then it will resume to run smoothly. There are some point in time when my swipes on the screen won't work. And the culprit are my sweaty fingers, and I don't complain about it. But it is really so much of a disadvantage somehow.

The installer is 26MB. Right now, when I search Temple Run in the Play Store, it won't display this official app. The first in the list is the Temple Run Fun App. It's a pain to me if I search through the list. So I checked other blogs that contains the direct link to it. It is here. I also discovered that using this search phrase "com.imangi.templerun" in the Search box of the Play Store in web and in the app will display this Official Temple Run app.

I read some comments about this app and was sad that there are some phones that aren't compatible with it. Examples are the Droid Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy Y. I understand that the Galaxy Y is a bit slow phone when it comes in the specs, but the Droid Bionic, I don't know. I think I'm missing something here.

All in all, Temple Run for Android is a worth of a wait. I can't compare it with its iOS version, but I'm sure its really good. The only drawback to this app is the fragmentation. And for sure, the authors were now doing some fix on the issues the users had reported to them.

For the Imangi team, congratulations!

And to all of us, enjoy running!